Intuitive Tarot Reading + Healing

Photo by Mariana Schulze Photography, card by Uusi Design Studio


Live Readings

Please contact me via the form below. In the Essential Information section, let me know what you are looking to receive from your reading, then press Submit. I will send you a link to schedule. Once the session is confirmed, I will send you a link to make a secure payment via Paypal.
  • One hour intuitive reading, clearing and energy healing, in person or via Zoom: $120


  • One and a half hour intuitive reading, clearing, and energy healing, in person or via Zoom: $160


  • The Golden Thread Healing:  A series of six 60 or 90 minute intuitive reading and healing sessions in person or via Zoom. The sessions will be scheduled twice a month over the course of three months, with your own “homework” and journeying in between.  A three-month payment plan is available, we can talk about how we can make this work accessible. If you want to receive psychic counsel, clear energy, go deeper into your healing journey, learn energy management tools, unwind old patterns, and create new pathways, I suggest this offering. If you desire an embodied, honest, connected, and joyful experience, and take courage and responsibility, this work will serve you deeply. Your devotion to yourself, and the ongoing process of soul work, are key. I am here to support you when you are ready, as you weave the golden threads of your own deepest knowing, coming into greater recognition of your radiant wholeness so you can anchor your light fully into your earthly experience. Please fill out the form below to begin, and we will set a time to discuss creating a personalized journey in reverence to your unique path. There is no time limit to healing, changing, and knowing yourself. There are no easy answers, but there is magic in your commitment to your path, and my commitment to mine, as we untangle the threads of the old and build foundations of true love and integrity together. I am committed to guiding you, illuminating your infinite, reflecting back your magnificence, and validating your humanity.


Cards from Pagan Otherworlds deck by Uusi Design Studio



Written Readings

Please contact me via the form below. In the Essential Information section, let me know your question and what you desire to explore in your reading, then press Submit. I will then send you a link to make a secure payment via Paypal. Your reading will be delivered to your email within 1 week.


  •  Illumination: $70     I will pull 2 oracle cards as Your Guide Home and 5 tarot cards as Your Path. A reading is a blend of card meanings as well as clairvoyant perspective of the energy. You will receive a document of about 2,500 words around 1 or 2 questions or areas where you need illumination and guidance, journaling exercises, suggested practices, and a beautiful photo of your cards. Includes one follow-up email discussion if needed. 


  • Attune: $120 a month     I will send you a customized energy report and Reiki/energetic healing for your week ahead every Sunday. The weekly report is a written mini reading (around 650 words) that includes at least one tarot card and one oracle card. It is designed to help you navigate through your current energy, making room for you to move into your next steps with more clarity, possibilities, and joy. These weekly reports are especially helpful in times of transitions. Journaling exercises, suggested practices, energy work, and a beautiful photo of your cards included in each report (4 per month.)




Card from Pagan Otherworlds deck by Uusi Design Studio




  • “My guides clearly told me to go to Emily for a reading and they were so right on.  It was just the clarity, focus and messages I needed to hear.  It was such a profound and professional reading that I am still referring to it and learning from it more than a month later!” 


  • “The words that come to mind when I think of Emily are grounded, wise, magical, strong, other worldly, and compassionate. Through her insights with the tarot Emily  has helped replace confusion and self doubt with clarity and empowerment.  She is a true healer.  Graceful in her approach, she tells it like it is. I have been moved by her wise reflections.  A true gift.”


  • “Wow. This amazing woman’s words and insights are like the best kind of magic. Emily has a deep knowing and understanding of the cards but her readings go beyond standard Tarot. She heals and supports your soul throughout. We had our session via Skype, I am in the UK and Emily was in Amsterdam at the time, but the connection was there and I felt the shift. I would recommend anyone in need of some intuitive guidance and support on their path to have some time with Emily. Her wisdom and lighthearted approach make you feel at ease as you navigate the waters of your subconscious. I am still seeing the insights Emily touched upon begin to happen in my life. I am so grateful!” Jennifer Cain,Healer and Intuitive Mentor for Women,


  • “Wow, what an incredible reading, gift, you have given me. With each new sentence tears started to fall from my face. Incredibly intuitive reading. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and depth. I truly appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


  • “Emily’s tarot reading was incredibly insightful and spot on and provided valuable perspective for me at a fork in the road of my life. What’s even more impressive is the level of depth that was achieved even though the reading was via email. I’m super impressed!”


  • “Thank you to the stellar Emily Violet Elizabeth for a most gorgeous and perfect tarot reading. In divine timing too. Jai Ma.” Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer, Bright Star Consulting Services,


  • “At your core you have a brilliant light and blazing truth to share with those that dare to hear it. For me, a willing participant, it has purified, transformed, and set the “old” me, free.”


  • “Emily!!!! I mean come ON! This has been the best of my readings, EVER.”


  • “My reading was clear, heart centered and so eloquent and beautifully inviting I felt I was stepping into a gentle and necessary self discovery. I love Emily’s use of words and the thread of wisdom and light that weaves through her messages. Her reading spoke to me and made me smile and wonder at how I am energetically creating my life. Thank you.” Sanjana Rajasekaran, Astrologer


  • “I have never received anything quite like this reading … maybe even in my life, with the exception of my own personal interactions with Spirit. Reading this was a truly beautiful experience … a delicious download of profound medicine. The imagery you described touched my heart in a way that only the most sacred one-on-one conversations with the Universe do for me. It was as if you acted as a divine messenger…The simplicity of it all, and yet the depth at the same time, was astonishing. Your advice and interpretations of the cards, as well, were in so many ways the wisdom I needed to hear right now.”  Sammy Maffeo, Tarot Reader 



  • You can check out my own Fool’s Journey over on Instagram @_emily_violet_ where I regularly share my photos, tarot readings on collective and personal energy, heart adventures, and soul musings.


  • You can engage with the journaling prompts & ideas for self exploration here on The Golden Thread, and I also have a new column, In Touch with the Tarot, with The Girls Girl Club,    Stay tuned, more coming!


  • I donate a percentage of all readings to organizations whose work I support, including Planned Parenthood, RAINN, NOW, ACLU, NAACP, Black Women Being, Southern Poverty Law Center, Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, and more. If you have a particular organization you want to support, let me know. I also contribute to groups who serve my local community such as The Ojai Raptor Center and The Ojai Valley Family Shelter.



Card from Pagan Otherworlds deck by Uusi Design Studio




All tarot readings are completely confidential. A tarot reading does not predict the future, but rather informs us of energetic influences and possible outcomes based on your current energy, behavior, and that of those around you. Ask questions that are focused on actions you can take in the direction of your own empowerment & healing.  If your questions involve another person, it will always be more beneficial to you to frame your question in a way that is self-focused, as you are the keeper of your power, no one else.  A tarot reading is subject to interpretation & change, and is not absolute.
I will honestly and compassionately deliver the messages I receive given my knowledge, experience and intuition. I use tarot as a tool to empower and guide, but you are governed by your own perception, choice, common sense, judgment, and free will. A reading does not replace professional therapy, or medical, legal, financial, and business  advice. Any decisions made, or actions taken by you as a result of your tarot reading are your sole responsibility. I assume no legal liability for  consequences of any client decisions based on my tarot readings.  I trust in your ability to make choices for your highest good and that of those around you.
I reserve the right to refrain from giving a reading if I decide it is not in my best interest or yours. I reserve the right to refrain from answering questions I deem unethical or beyond my scope of practice. I reserve the right to stop giving a reading without refund if I decide my boundaries have been crossed. I do not offer refunds once readings have been purchased.  If you need to reschedule, please reach out to me within 24 hours of your scheduled session.


Photo by Mariana Schulze Photography