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I am an intuitive who weaves my experience in energetic healing, creativity, embodiment, and divination to guide you through your process of grounding your highest expression. I am here to help you access your innate creative energy, connect with your capacity to heal, and offer tools to explore the wildlands of soul and starscape of spirit. I am a multidimensional guide to your animal and divine. I am here for you as you deepen your love and trust in yourself. We are here to untangle the old oppressive threads within and around us, and create new structures of healing and integrity together. We are here to merge earth and spirit, to move and be moved, to experience and express in the ways we desire, from the joyful core of who we truly are.


Weaving + Unraveling + Revealing


If you have found me here, then I too have found you, fellow creator and translator of the language of soul. We are the bridges of star and heart and earth, offering each other the healing salve of reflection and remembering, walking with the questions who unfold as we do. We are the movement that spirals out from stillness, rearranging and reimagining. I envision a golden thread moving through your body, anchoring divine to earthly, calling for you to listen closely to the grief and grace of every human heart. As you move through narrow passageways and tiptoe across cliffs of crumbling questions in an unfamiliar landscape, you will notice a light breathing in time with your being. When grasping gives way to merging, you learn what it feels like to hold hands with your shadow, living inside the softness of tender, love-worn skin, slipping gently into the space between what you understand, and what invites you deeper into wonder. In this opening, beyond the comfort of knowing, you let yourself melt into the radiant current, inside the rhythm of your own song as it sings you home. You carry within you the richness of every story experienced or imagined, a lineage that lives because you do. The golden thread is a pulse between primal and divine. It is the enduring correspondence of souls across time and space– your relationship to all things.  You have been offered a gift, and that is your being: weaving magic, unraveling entanglements, and revealing truth– all that lies hidden in the realms beyond surface awareness, calling to be uncovered, loved, held, and alchemized into some greater understanding. Or maybe, just experienced, as you love what is hardest to love, feel what is hardest to feel, and celebrate the chance to know immeasurable beauty, in awe of all that is. Your resilience is resounding, remember. The collective shifts with you, in your boldness to show up however you are, listening to your sacred intuition over programmed expectations, allowing yourself to live inside your truest expression. You will notice this thread woven intricately throughout your stories, and when you are pulled towards something that feels meaningful, you follow its winding path to see what is revealed, and how it will offer itself to you in the creative journey of aliveness. It is digging tunnels through the dense forest of the psyche without knowing what you will find, ancient decay coming loose on your palms while fingers find bright air. It is standing in the power of the present, making space for the unknown to find its ground. It is impermanence lit up by the consistent, loving pulse beneath it all. When you feel the subtle hum of your heart, and every heart, there will be space for you to fully breathe — blooming and withering, reaching and recoiling, rewriting and remembering, again and again and again.



Photo by Mariana Schulze Photography



“A hand moves, and the fire’s whirling takes different shapes:
All things change when we do.
The first word, “Ah,” blossoms into all others.
Each of them is true.”




Cards from Invisible Light Tarot by Brandy Eve Allen


 Why Tarot ?


I use the Tarot for myself and others as a tool for illumination, clarity, exploration, revelation, expansion, enrichment, healing, and empowerment.  I see it as a map, and as a key—helping us unlocks the vaults of our innermost being, an adventure into the psyche with the guidance of our highest selves, where we encounter our lives through an archetypal lens, revealing facets of the personal and collective human experience. The Tarot is a never-ending dance of self discovery, a way of following the golden thread through our unfolding stories as we weave and experience our own mythical journeys. Through challenges and joy we are guided by synchronicity, signs, and symbols which carry universal significance, colored by the meanings we assign with our own understanding. I see our aliveness an opportunity to play with infinite possibility, to enjoy the gifts of embodiment, to own our incredible potential for healing, to create joyful and deep connections, to be true to ourselves, to be present with whatever arrives to be held, to activate the creative spark, to serve from the heart, to expand our knowledge and awareness, to find new ways of approaching old patterns, and to clear away stagnant and harmful systems in ourselves and our world. Using the Tarot can assist us with all of this by revealing that which dwells in the currents of the subconscious, bringing to light that which is already known on some level, and is just asking to be seen. It is about remembering who we are. I use my clairvoyance (clear-seeing) to read energy; I use other facets of my intuition to sense and reveal energetic patterns and influences in the querent’s field. I present the information that comes through in a way that offers insight for heart-centered awareness and action. Energy that is seen can move, and energetic movement is the initial step towards the healing and growth we desire. Do I believe that the Tarot is magical? Yes, I do, and I believe that magic is cultivated through a deep awareness of self– getting in touch with our emotional and energetic bodies, tuning our awareness to beneficent realms, understanding the forces of the mind in conjunction with spirit, noticing the link between our own cycles and those of nature, communion with our ancestors, connection with our loved ones and our communities, finding the sacred in the ordinary, listening deeply to our inner wisdom, and befriending the vastness of the mystery with a sense of humor.



Photo by Mariana Schulze Photography



“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium, and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urge that motivates you. Keep the channel open.” Martha Graham



Why Writing?


Writing is a powerful way to create meaning from our experience, where a piece can become its own being, an extension of the inner life. Weaving words is certainly one of The Magician’s tools of self knowledge, which is why I love using the Tarot as an inspiration to open the creative floodgates. Writing can reveal what we thought was hiding far away, open doors we thought didn’t exist, unravel inner patterns of tension and holding, and expand our understanding of what it means to be here, embodied, alive–the utter fragility as well as innate power in that. My writing practice is simple: make space, pay attention, and go for it. I get into the moment to quiet the over-thinking mind who wonders whether the expression “is good enough,” or “makes sense,” instead letting what wants to be, just be– what I call releasing our winged things from their cages. Create now, refine later. Even just gently noticing, or scribbling notes, can be like planting seeds that will grow in their own time. We must honor the voice that wants to come through, and sometimes that just means giving the inner critic a hug and not taking it so seriously, following inspiration over judgment. If it is real, and comes from feeling, how could it be wrong? You simply cannot get creativity wrong, what a relief. Throw all caution to the wind in fine “fuck it!” fashion. And because you are by nature a creative being, you will notice that it’s in those in-between times where you aren’t seeking, that inspiration comes.


How can you exist in the openings that each moment offers? What does it feel like to soften the critical voice and deepen the connection to your experience? What does it feel like to give voice to the voiceless? What does is feel like to be a vessel of wisdom that comes from beyond human understanding? What does it feel like to just be human? What does it feel like to say what you have never said? How does it feel to express, not impress? What if there was nothing “safe” about creative expression, except for the roots you deepen and the container you create to hold the entirety of your process? How does it feel to connect with another human heart through sharing your own? How can you access the knowing that being fully yourself  is the most powerful way to belong?


I invite you to Nurture The Spark by embracing courage on the path of the heart, stretching yourself in new ways, a journey that requires a deep listening to that which blooms within. Creative Engagement With The Mystery  means becoming interested in the question. The question is active and creates space, opening portals to new possibilities of being, believing, receiving, and perceiving. The universe, just as our own bodies and souls, is in a constant state of flux, and the question honors our continual process of transformation. Questions are daring dances into the unknown, and any outcome holds less importance than the radiance of becoming our own answer. Curiosity and wonder are acts of creativity themselves, and there is a dynamic flow between our feelings, beliefs, thoughts, actions, and the reality that unfolds before us. As divinity embodied, we are here to find that sweet spot in surrender, to choose life, as life chooses us. Let’s get the creative deliciousness moving, and see what happens!


 “This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.” Terence McKenna



Photo by Mariana Schulze Photography