About Emily

“I am an instrument in the shape   
of a woman trying to translate pulsations   
into images for the relief of the body   
and the reconstruction of the mind.”
Adrienne Rich

I feel every moment is a miraculous unfolding, a deepening and a revealing, and I am devoted to walking my path, with all its tidal surges and softening, its challenges and magic, its closures and openings, its clarity and mystery. I am passionate about all that brings me into an experience of soul: the earth, the cosmos, communion, connection, service, spirit, the sacred heart, synchronicity, psychic healing, physical healing, cycles, lineage, movement, dance, stillness, breath, body, mythology, creativity, beauty, alchemy, travel, adventure, true light, shadow integration, mystery and expansion.

I have worked in the healing arts as a massage therapist, bodyworker, and energy healing practitioner for sixteen years. I have read oracle cards for over seventeen years, and soon after developing an interest in this form of divination, I began teaching myself the tarot. I have always been one to “connect the dots,” with an urge to create form from the formless, and dive to the depths to make meaning of my experience. My readings have evolved over many years to have less focus on cards, and more focus on reading energetic patterns, dissolving energetic imprints across timelines, and bringing through Source frequencies with loving presence for healing in the body. Part of my purpose here is translating the soul’s language into heart-centered, workable magic for us all. I do this through my work as a natural born and formally trained intuitive, a tarot reader, a writer, a licensed bodyworker, and a Reiki master teacher. As an empath and a psychic, I can feel, see, sense, and know energetic patterns and pictures that play out as experiences and circumstances in present time, as well as across timelines. I connect with and receive messages through the unified field and only align with true Source energy. I use my skills to assist you in identifying, acknowledging, loving, and moving energy so all that is ready to come through you has the space to. My approach to energetic work is done in reverence for the physical process of healing— I respect the amount of time healing takes, and the courage it takes to move ourselves through the continual cycles of death, rebirth, and integration. I am here for the process all the way. When our humanity is validated, we can integrate our shadow and soul fragments back into the heart, remembering our wholeness and true Divine nature.

I continue a deep commitment to embodiment, soul work and psychic education with truly amazing teachers and mentors, who have always led me back to my own inner knowing, which is the core philosophy in all my work. I completed 500 hours of training in the healing arts at the Ojai School of Massage in 2004, and have continued my education with bodywork courses over the years, including training in the Upledger method of Craniosacral Therapy levels 1 & 2 in 2013, from Eileen Donovan. In 2007 I received Usui Reiki 1 & 2 attunement from Dragana Gobic, and in 2017 I received my Reiki Master Teacher attunement from Jenette Traverson in the Usui lineage. In 2016 I began a 3 month soul work mentorship from a depth psychology perspective with Laura Larriva Page; this experience included two multi-day group and solo excursions in the wilds of my homeland, California, & months of deep archetypal reflection, group council & personal creative exploration. In 2017 I began my year of study in psychic skills and energetic resilience with Erin Schroeder, including both a month long Essential Psychic Skills course and The Psychic Training, an intensive 8 month clairvoyant training program with a group of incredible intuitives—through which I received a Certificate of Completion. I am currently in a year long training, The Tao of Trauma, with Alaine Duncan, whose approach is an integration of Eastern and Western philosophy and modalities— merging Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and Dr. Peter Levine’s model of trauma response; Thus far in the training we have been practicing Somatic Experiencing techniques to restore balance & regulation in survivors of traumatic stress; finding the unbroken wave in ourselves and the world around us. This work is powerful as it feels like a synthesis of all I’ve learned and practiced over the years–a return to our inherent wholeness and harmony through connecting with our cyclical nature.

All of these educational experiences, and many more–including a stint at UC Santa Cruz studying Women’s Studies & Creative Writing, taking all the ceramic and art classes I could at local community colleges, 6 months of traveling and working abroad over the span of three years, and co-founding Community Healing Sanctuary in Ojai to provide monthly accessible healing opportunities — have laid solid foundations for my particular style of healing work to develop and blossom.

I am currently on pause from in-person work and am only offering virtual sessions (normally I work one on one with clients in-home, from Ojai to Santa Barbara, as well as traveling for chair massage gigs at corporate offices around Southern California; I do massage, energy work, and readings at retreats both locally and internationally.) I also create customized one on one classes for learning energetic healing tools & intuitive development.

It is imperative that we develop the strength and softness necessary to meet our truest selves, so we can create the level of change the planet needs us to step up for. I feel that this work requires us to remain in love and devotion to not just our inner lives, but to our human and non human world. True freedom and sovereignty will always lead us back to knowing and acting from our interconnectedness. When we are embodying our Divinity we are clear and in our power, and can be of true service to the collective. The wounds inflicted on the planet and humanity by energetic distortions, control structures, and deep rooted systemic oppression take time to clear and heal, but that’s what we are up to and why inner strengthening is so important. Dissolving, reimagining, and restructuring is occuring on every level. We are here, and we were made for this.



In a Session

Come with your presence, receptivity, and desire to grow, and we can engage in a conversation guided by intuition, our higher selves, our earthly selves, our divine helpers, Source healing frequencies, and the tarot’s rich symbology. We will laugh, maybe cry, and come through with insights, uplifting revelations, validations, and new perspectives. Times of transition are challenging, but they also create openings of immense possibility. My intention is to create a grounded, sacred space for you to be who you are, however you have arrived to this moment. Intuitive sessions bring to the surface that which needs to be seen, held, and often what needs to be released, so you can go forth with more confidence, joy, clarity, love, and spaciousness around what is possible. Holding your light and shadow as integral parts of your being, I will assist you in dialing in your practice of self love, and help you tune in to your innate wholeness, power, creativity, and magic at this juncture in your life. I reflect your inner knowledge back to you, bring in new information through Divine light, and create a container where you can feel your own inexhaustible spark. I help you to connect deeply with the complex layers of your own inner knowing.

Using my skills in energy healing, I help you bring balance to your energy centers & field, harmonizing the system to encourage a movement of energy & a dissolution of imprints that are not you or yours to carry. The more fully we can be in ourselves, in whatever part of the process we may be, the more resourced we are to move through it with grace. The divine energy and the earth energy we bring in clarifies, illuminates, and grounds your system to facilitate optimal functioning and full embodiment. Energy work, like body work, is a tune up, and maintenance is important. Shifts will happen in your life when you are willing to do your work and surrender to the unfolding (and with the awareness that energy work is not a replacement for professional medical care.) I love to teach you tools that you can use in your daily life that nurture your well being. I am consistently inspired by my clients, who show me in so many ways the incredible potential we carry for going deep, getting real, expanding perspectives, and empowering ourselves in our continual evolution. My aim is to hold you exactly where you are and encourage your own revelations in the timing that feels right to you. It is an honor, a joy, and a privilege to grow alongside you in this wild dance of life.