About Emily Violet

So glad you are here, beautiful and brave beings! I am an intuitive who weaves my passions for energy work, creativity, embodiment, and tarot to  guide you through your process of anchoring your truest expression. I help you access your innate creative energy, connect with your capacity to heal, and offer practical tools to explore the wildlands of soul, so you can be wholly present for and devoted to your sacred mission.


“I am an instrument in the shape   
of a woman trying to translate pulsations   
into images for the relief of the body   
and the reconstruction of the mind.”
Adrienne Rich


A bit about me…I have been a professional in the healing arts since 2006, as a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner. As an empath and psychic human, I can feel, see, sense, and know energetic patterns and pictures that play out as experiences and circumstances in our lives. I use my skills to assist you in identifying, acknowledging, loving, and clearing energy so all that is ready to come through has the space to. I have gone through years of trying to turn my perception down and shut it off in various ways, and have also dedicated to years of study, development and practice. I continue to engage in soul work and psychic training with truly amazing teachers (currently Erin Schroeder and Laura Larriva Page) and I am devoted to my own healing practices. I am passionate about the work I do because I have changed my life through it, and I see people’s lives changing through their own commitment to doing their work (which can be play too!) It is imperative that we develop the strength and softness necessary to meet our deepest selves, so we can create the level of change the planet needs us to step up for. I feel that this work requires us remain in love and devotion to not just our inner lives, but to our human and non human world.


I have always been one to “connect the dots,” create form from the formless, and dive to the depths to make meaning of my experience. I feel a big ol’ piece of my purpose here is translating the soul’s language into heart-centered, workable magic for us all. I do this through my work as writer, intuitive tarot reader, bodyworker, Reiki Master, and plain old human being-ness. It is important that my energy is directed to some kind of activism, however seemingly small, on a daily basis, as it is my belief that we cannot be truly free until all are free– the wounds inflicted on the planet and humanity by deep rooted systemic oppression will take time to heal, and inner strengthening is non-negotiable so the work of dissolving, reimagining, and restructuring and continue to be done on every level.


It seems I have lived many different lives just in this one; transformation is kinda my thing. I currently work one on one with clients, though I look forward to creating workshops for intuitive and creative development (stay tuned.) I feel every moment is a miraculous unfolding, a deepening and a revealing, and I am so grateful to be walking my path, with all its tidal surges and softening, its waxing and waning, its challenges and magic, its closures and openings, its clarity and mystery. I am passionate about all that brings me into an experience of soul: the earth, the cosmos, communion, connection, service, spirit, the sacred heart, synchronicity, psychic healing, cycles, lineage, movement, dance, stillness, breath, body, mythology, creativity, beauty, alchemy, travel, adventure, light, shadow, questions, mystery and expansion.


Motherpeace Tarot by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel
In a Session

Come with your presence, receptivity, and desire to grow, and we can engage in an empowering conversation guided by intuition, our higher selves, our earthly selves, our divine helpers, and the tarot’s rich symbology. We will laugh, maybe cry, and come through with insights, uplifting revelations, validations, and new perspectives. Times of transition are challenging, but they also create openings of immense possibility. My intention is to create a grounded, sacred space for you to be who you are, however you have arrived to this moment. Intuitive sessions bring to the surface that which needs to be seen, held, and often what needs to be released, so you can go forth with more confidence, joy, clarity, love, and spaciousness around what is possible. Holding your light and shadow as integral parts of your whole being, I will assist you in dialing in your practice of self love, and help you tune in to your innate wholeness, power, creativity, magic, and gifts to find alignment with your purpose and truth at this juncture in your life. I reflect your inner knowledge back to you, and create a container where you can learn what it feels like to touch your own inexhaustible spark. I help you to connect deeply with the complex layers of your own inner knowing.


In sessions where Reiki and energy work is included with a reading, I help you bring balance to your energy centers, harmonizing the system to encourage a clearing of stagnant emotional energy, outdated patterns, and limiting stories that can hinder your glow and forward movement in your journey. The divine energy and the earth energy we bring in clarifies, illuminates, and grounds your system to facilitate optimal functioning and full embodiment. Energy work, like body work, is a tune up, and maintenance is important. Shifts will happen in your life when you are willing to do your work and surrender to the unfolding (and with the awareness that energy work is not a replacement for professional medical care.) I love to offer tools that you can use in your daily life that nurture your well being. I am consistently inspired by my clients, who show me in so many ways the incredible potential we carry for diving deep, getting real, expanding, integrating, and rising empowered in our continual process of evolution. My aim is to hold you exactly where you are and encourage your own revelations in the timing that feels right to you. It is an honor, a joy, and a privilege to grow alongside you in this wild dance of life.