Intuitive Readings + Healing

Intuitive Healing Sessions

For more information on my background, see the About Emily page via the menu above. See Client Testimonials page for experiences my clients have shared.
  • Envision + Embody: $300 (sliding scale is available upon request, please inquire if there is a financial need) A two hour intuitive session, including an energy reading, energetic and somatic healing, with tarot and oracle cards as guided. Designed specifically for your needs.
  • The Golden Thread Healing Series: (sliding scale available) A three or six month series: 90 minute intuitive readings and energy healing sessions booked every other week, options for 6 or 12 sessions. Includes post-session emails with summaries of key points and practices, or personalized recorded energy healing meditations. For those desiring psychic and somatic healing, energetic clearing, counsel & guidance for going deeper into your own healing and expanding your capacity to create and experience all that you desire. Please indicate whether you are interested in a three or six month series.
  • Intuitive Development Classes: (sliding scale available) A two or six month series: A 2-hour class booked every other week, options for a 4 class foundational course or a minimum of 12 class advanced training (If you are interested in working with clients in a professional capacity, advanced training is highly recommended and requires previous foundational training as well as weekly practice hours.) Classes are designed to offer a solid foundation of psychic and somatic skills as well as personal healing to support you developing your own unique intuitive gifts. You learn energy management tools, how to read energy, energy healing techniques, practices for healing the nervous system & unwinding old patterns, and more. You will also receive energy reading & healing. Optional class explorations such as learning to read tarot are also available. Please indicate if you are interested in committing to foundational or advanced classes and I will send you further information.
For all requests, please complete the form below. Let me know in the Essential Information section what you are looking to receive support around. Please indicate your need for sliding scale rate options here, if applicable. Select the type of session from drop down menu, then press Submit.
Once I receive your submission form, I will send you a link to my calendar where you will choose your time. The booking confirmation includes a link to our Zoom meeting room. I will let you know how to direct payment for the session once your booking is confirmed.


In A Session

All sessions are trauma-informed and intuitively guided with the support of our guides and allies in the spirit and elemental world (for more information on what being trauma-informed means in our work together, see the About Emily section in the menu above.)

I bring you into a dynamic meditative state, where we first begin with grounding practices. I will read the energy present in your field and energy centers, based on your questions or based on what is coming up and through. I bring in somatic healing techniques such as somatic experiencing and mindfulness, breathwork specific for nervous system healing (if indicated for your current state of being,) energetic clearing using Reiki and other vibrational medicine modalities, empathic sensing, clairvoyant (clear-seeing) & claircognizant (clear-knowing) insights. Once we come out of the dynamic meditation and energy reading, I will utilize oracle and tarot cards as a story-weaving thread to anchor the experience, or to expand on anything else you may need clarity on or support with to round out our time together.

I call these soul work sessions, as we are exploring psyche + soma (mind and body,) with assistance from Spirit, merging the Divine and the Earth—healing fragmentation to regain access to your inherent wholeness, power, creativity and magic, while reclaiming aspects of self/soul ready to return, emerge, and express. I reflect your inner knowing back to you, bring in new and or validating information through the light of the Unified Field, and create a grounded space to explore and give love to your shadows—we are essentially creating a space where you can bring all of your own energy back to you that may be entangled or unresolved, as your body is ready to integrate it. As you become more skillful and practiced in holding yourself through the waves of your experience, you are able to hold more of your true essence on an energetic and cellular level. This helps you be better resourced and more present in all of your relationships. I consider a reading and energy healing session to be a co-creative process and no two sessions are the same, though the container is always as safe, solid, sacred and protected as possible.



All readings are confidential. A reading does not predict the future, but rather informs us of energetic influences and possible outcomes based on your current energy, behavior, and that of those around you. Ask questions that are focused on actions you can take in the direction of your own empowerment & healing. If your questions involve another person, it will always be more beneficial to you to frame your question in a way that is self-focused, as consent is the basis of all healing, and you are the keeper of your own power. A reading is subject to interpretation & change, and is not absolute.

I will honestly and compassionately deliver the messages I receive given my knowledge, experience and intuition. I use tarot and energy reading as tools to empower and guide, but you are governed by your own perception, choice, common sense, judgment, and free will. A reading does not replace professional therapy, or medical, legal, financial, and business advice. Any decisions made, or actions taken by you as a result of your reading are your sole responsibility. I assume no legal liability for consequences of any client decisions based on my readings.  I trust in your ability to heal and to make choices for your highest good and that of those around you.

I reserve the right to refrain from giving a reading if I decide it is not in my best interest or yours. I reserve the right to refrain from answering questions I deem unethical or beyond my scope of practice. I reserve the right to stop giving a reading without refund if I decide my boundaries have been crossed. I do not offer refunds once readings have been purchased.  If you need to reschedule, please reach out to me within 24 hours of your scheduled session.