Prayers for Our Times

May we know the boundless love that runs through us as our true nature.

May we become adept at holding the tension of opposites, and build our resilience in stillness, reflection, energetic & physical movement.

May we break the cycles that keep us trapped in shame, blame, and betrayal.

May we out-create any ploys of separation while also finely tuning our boundaries.

May clear seeing, clear knowing, clear feeling, & discernment walk hand in hand with deep compassion.

May we disagree with false movements, as seductive as their stories may be.

May we know ourselves as our ancestors and know this time as a powerful opportunity to choose new paths forward.

May we guide our fragments and shadows back to the heart, that they be integrated into a sanctuary of unconditional love.

May all that is not ours to hold return to Source.

May we take care not to become embroiled in the confusion darkness creates. May we discern what is ours to welcome home, and what was never ours to hold.

May we hold strong to our radiant center & know our strength means surrender as much as it means perseverance. Surrender does not mean leaking life force, it is dedication to wholeness and rebuilding trust in the body as a sacred vessel of the unified field. Perseverance does not mean force, it is an energy of devotion.

May all beings across time and space be freed from suffering and the lineage of war through our dedication to healing and persistent actions towards heart centered creation, collaboration, and connection.

May we know our untangling, unraveling, & reimagining as the engagement of potent creative forces that naturally obliterate all systems & energies that seek to take, disconnect, and harm.

May we challenge ourselves to go within, question imposed & internalized falsity, and find our unwavering inner light.

May we be reborn into the light of the Divine, breathing true luminosity back into our cells and remembering it as who we are.

May our lives be in service to love, truth, and generosity of spirit in their highest possible expressions. May our hearts bloom, opening as the mystical rose, love embodied, felt, known, shared.

May you keep strengthening your capacity to meet yourself, and all your selves, inner and outer, with compassion and kindness.

May you become comfortable feeling what responsibility feels like, and may you consider your impact with every choosing.

May any weight put upon your back be lightened with your noticing. May any heaviness that you’ve carried forth be seen, sorted and transmuted as you’re ready. May slowness grace you.

May grace hold you. May you nourish your ancient innocence and wise curiosity.

May you hold your own infinite in your palm, even if just for a few breaths, and enter into a deep dreaming, resting, and listening, where the creations that spring forth from the quiet dark bring you further into some yet unimagined beauty and richness.

May the light meet you joyfully, and may you see it as yourself. May the actions you take be in integrity with your values & your innermost truth, and may your truth be grounded in wholeness.

May you remember who you are and find pathways to learning where you’ve come from. May you stay with the rising and falling, the inhale and exhale, the ebb and flow.

May you find moments to notice where your body is in the room, where your body is on this earth, and may you make it a soft sanctuary for your spirit to settle, expand and find freedom.

May you find coherence in the rhythm of the breath through your body, in the wind through the leaves, and in the song the beloved hums as you come to recognize it as your own.

May you know an ending as a beginning, and may you keep on with an ancient innocence and wise curiosity.

Prayers for secret joys and live out loud desires. Prayers for opening when it feels good and cocooning when it feels good. Prayers for honoring your natural rhythm of growth. Prayers for finding peace where it hasn’t yet been known. Prayers for having the courage to lean into and love what is really hard to love within.

May your awakening and anchoring of your visions serve the healing of the whole.

May your remembering remind the whole of what is possible.

May your commitment to illuminating and integrating your shadows by acknowledging, seeing, feeling, and loving serve to liberate the whole.

May your devotion to bringing back and holding sacred the pieces of self left behind serve to make the whole aware of its inherent completeness.

May your courage in transformation remind you of your worthiness, releasing what is leaving to receive joyfully what is here for you.

May your inner and outer work, both seen and unseen, serve to clear the way for all that is coming to meet you.

May you deepen your understanding of how you grow and learn what trusting yourself on all levels feels like.

May you honor yourself fully and completely as an individual, so you can honor your essential interconnectedness with all that is, was, and will be.

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