As the Light Returns

Still from Alphaville, 1965

As the light returns, may our own clear-seeing reveal to us what we need to see or be seen by in this moment. May our own clear-sensing reveal to us all we need to feel or be felt by in this moment. 

When I find stillness, everything moves. When I surrender to all I do not know, without needing to fix or solve or make absolute sense of it, peace seems to awaken in my cells. Something more than peace too, unnameable, between peace and unrest. A burgeoning.

May the dance move us into spaces yearning to be explored, touched, held, and loved. This feels like the space from which courage unfurls its wings. It also feels like the place compassion brews its nourishing broth that soothes contraction.

From the quiet dark, luminous miracles.

May we let ourselves receive inside our deepest folds, and give from the depths we are able to offer from, allowing our capacity to shift and change shape.

Our animal body is as wise as our spirit. It does not work to banish any protective response, to make it unwelcome; here’s to devotion to a practice of sensing, noticing, and being with. A body might slowly, gently open an invitation for contraction to dance its way to the light, to be warmed, or grounded, to be seen more clearly and touched more kindly, where it can give itself new names, like grief, or shame, or fear, or uncontainable excitement, all dissolving like salt in the waves when we let it come & go without fighting what is here.

Maybe softening can feel more safe than it has before; maybe today, the body does not feel it can go there. It’s ok. This is a practice of self trust, as our own guide, feeling held by all who are here now, who have come before, who will be, to hold us.

“The light returns, the light goes.” Little by little. As the heart spills over its edges to touch its own vastness, we find ourselves as the unchanging spark amidst all rising and crashing.

The heart can hold all of you, me, us. Call yourself, ourselves, beloved.

“May you be at peace. May your heart remain open. May you awaken to the light of your own true nature. May you be healed, may you be a source of healing to all beings.” Tibetan Buddhist Prayer

Stills from Alphaville, 1965

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